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How do you control the quality of tutors?

Please click on Tutor Quality on the left to read all about our university-certified and other badges, ratings system, and 100% guarantee.

How much do typical tutoring sessions cost?

Tutors set their own rates on Tutor Matching Service and there are some very high quality, affordable tutors. The average rate is currently $11.17/hour-and there are no add-on fees or taxes. Though many of our tutors charge for their services, nearly a quarter of the tutors are volunteering their services (at $0/hour).

How does Tutor Matching Service pay the bills?

Tutor Matching Service provides this service with no fees for schools or students by withholding 10% from each tutoring session as a booking fee. Therefore if a tutor charges $10/hour, the student pays $10.00 for a one hour session and $9 is transferred to the tutor. For this 10%, Tutor Matching Service provides the online marketplace, scheduling, marketing, badges, and many other resources for the tutor. Tutor Matching Service also pays the credit card fees and bank transfer fees.

How are payments to tutors made?

Tutors can decide whether they want to accept payments via direct deposit, Paypal or cash. Tutor Matching Service pays tutors 48 hours after the end of a session. If a college or university pays tutors internally, Tutor Matching Service can set the tutor rate to $0 per hour or provide the institution with gift codes that may be used by students scheduling a tutor.

How does payment work between students and tutors?

After finding the right tutor, students select an available time slot on a tutor's calendar and enter their credit card information into Tutor Matching Service's secure payment system. Tutor Matching Service charges the credit card and the session is thereby booked. 48 hours after the session occurs (typically in a campus library), tutors receive payment electronically to their bank account or Paypal account.

Is a Facebook account required in order to use Tutor Matching Service?

You can browse tutors without connecting via Facebook to Tutor Matching Service. However, a Facebook account is required in order to sign up as a tutor. Tutor Matching Service uses Facebook so that tutors and students are able to see each other's Facebook profiles, mutual friends, and much more. Students and Tutors can now make better decisions than they would using Craigslist or hanging flyers on campus.

Why was Tutor Matching Service created? What challenges does it address?

Read all about how and why the Tutor Matching Service staff and university staff collaborated to create this online Tutor List / Tutor Marketplace in our About page.

If I need help or have a question how can I contact Tutor Matching Service?

You can call us 877-919-TUTOR (88867) or send us an email at We are happy to help and answer any and all questions whether you are a student, parent, or college/university staff person.


How does Tutor Matching Service pay the bills?

Tutor Matching Service pays the bills by charging 10% of the rate of every tutoring session. So, if a tutor charges $10 per hour, Tutor Matching Service will pay them $9 per hour. This helps us cover payment processing fees and keep our business running.

What does it cost to bring Tutor Matching Service to our college or university?

Tutor Matching Service is free for all colleges and universities.

Is there a minimum amount of tutoring that has to go on to keep the service free at our school?

No, Tutor Matching Service is always free for your school, no matter how many tutors are listed or how many tutoring sessions occur for your school.

What exactly do you provide when we sign up with Tutor Matching Service?

As each college/university is different, it's best that you contact us. We are more than happy to discuss all of the ways that your Tutor Matching Service can be customized for your school's particular needs.

Here are the basics of what we provide.

First, within 2 business days we setup your school's Tutor Matching Service, such as

You can link to this site from your learning center or other website, and we will send you links to see what other schools have done.

Second, we provide you with access to a very easy-to-use online portal where you can add badges to the profiles of certain tutors (if you wish). We will also give you examples of what other schools have done as it pertains to badging tutors.

Third, we provide you with our "Awareness Kit." This is a compilation of flyers, banners, images, and much more that schools have used to promote their learning centers on campus, as well as their school's Tutor Matching Service. We can also mail you custom flyers that you can have at the front desk of your learning center on campus for those students who are looking for more tutoring options.

Fourth, we provide you with all of the data, including information on which courses and subjects students are searching for and booking.

Which universities are currently using Tutor Matching Service?

Many 2-year and 4-year institutions are currently using Tutor Matching Service as a supplement to their other on-campus tutoring. For example, IUPUI, Purdue University, University of Alaska, University of South Alabama, Georgia Highlands College, Dixie State College of Utah, NYU-Polytechnic, and many more. If you would like to contact one of our partner schools to ask them about Tutor Matching Service, we are happy to connect you. Please contact us.

We get a lot of calls from high school parents looking for a tutor. Can we direct these callers to Tutor Matching Service?

Many of our partner colleges and universities receive calls from parents asking for tutors for their high school children. Of course, tuition dollars paid by college students are not supposed to go towards tutoring high school students, so campus learning centers do not provide free tutoring in this case. This is one of the main reasons that Tutor Matching Service was created. Instead of calling the learning center, parents of high school students often see the link to the school's Tutor Matching Service on the learning center's website and find a tutor themselves. And when these parents do call the learning center, the learning center simply directs the parent to the school's Tutor Matching Service.

Prior to its partnership with Tutor Matching Service, the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), for example, would send an email to all tutors whenever a parent called. This resulted in tons of reply emails to the parent concerning the possible tutoring. Now Caltech simply directs high school parents to their Tutor Matching Service ( This saves time for their staff and is more efficient for the parents and tutors.

Can our college or university subsidize tutoring?

It is not required but yes, colleges and universities as well as foundations can partially or fully subsidize tutoring. We have a variety of ways to provide this service. Please call us at 877-919-TUTOR or send an email to so we can discuss these options with you.

As a school, are we responsible for customer service?

No. Tutor Matching Service handles all of the customer service and tech support. That includes students, parents, tutors, and school staff/faculty. If anyone ever has a question or concern, you can tell them to call us directly at 877-919-TUTOR or email us at

What are the tutor rates like on Tutor Matching Service?

Tutors set their own rates on TMS and there are some very high quality, affordable tutors. The average rate is currently $11/hour-and there are no add-on fees or taxes. Though many of our students charge for their services, nearly a quarter of the tutors are volunteering their services (at $0/hr).

How do we bring Tutor Matching Service to our college or university?

It's easy! Call us at 877-919-TUTOR or send an email to and we will walk you through the simple steps of having your own Tutor Matching Service setup. Tutor Matching Service has partnered with colleges and universities across the county to launch a Tutor Matching Service on their campuses, and we have many valuable resources for introducing one including best practices, marketing plans, and other great solutions that we would love to share with you.

Can we send tutors who we do not hire at the learning center to Tutor Matching Service? Can we hire tutors from Tutor Matching Service?

Sure! This is a great source of tutors for your Tutor Matching Service. And it gives these tutors an opportunity to still help other students, even though you have decided not to hire them. And yes, schools often times go looking on Tutor Matching Service to find 5-star tutors to hire at the learning center. You can think of 1:1 private tutoring as the 'minor leagues.' If a tutor racks up great ratings on the school's Tutor Matching Service, they may be an ideal candidate to hire at the learning center or athletic association. By the way, other good sources of tutors are adjunct faculty, graduate students, faculty-recommended undergraduates, previous employees of the learning center, and sometimes current employees of the learning center (if you wish for them to get extra hours of work but don't have the budget). Many tutors set their hourly rate at $0 so they can gain experience before applying to learning center positions.

Have any of the schools had pushback from the tutors?

No, the tutors love not having to be on phone calls for scheduling, dealing with the awkwardness of collecting payment in person, and more. TMS has never had a school report any pushback from tutors. Quite the opposite, actually.

When is the best time to launch with Tutor Matching Service?

Colleges and Universities have launched their school's Tutor Matching Service at various times throughout the year. There is no particular time of year that is necessary to launch the service. It takes just two business days to get 100% setup, and there is no training necessary.

Do you work with career centers?

Absolutely. Tutor Matching Service has huge benefits for career centers. Tutoring is a great job for both undergraduate and graduate students. Students get paid while working flexible hours, and the tutors reinforce their own learning as they're teaching subjects to others. With Tutor Matching Service, signing up as a tutor and getting booked is incredibly easy for your students, enabling them to earn a supplementary income while building a great resume. Many career centers also receive requests from parents in the surrounding community for tutors that can help with high school Advanced Placement (AP) classes. The career center can simply direct these parents to Tutor Matching Service where they can easily find and book a tutor for their high school student.

What is Tutor Matching Service's academic honesty policy?

According to our terms of use and our "Tutor Rights and Responsibilities" document, tutors are NOT permitted to answer specific homework questions or edit or proofread essays. Tutors WILL address relevant concepts, illustrate related examples, provide links to helpful online resources, and/or give holistic feedback. Any violation of our terms in this respect will result in a tutor being removed from our system.

Are tutors able to offer tutoring in subjects our learning center does not cover?

Yes, and this is one of the main goals of the service: to help cover upper-level courses where tutoring is typically not available. In fact, tutors can offer tutoring in over 150 subjects and thousands of course codes. Our subject list has been determined by our campus partners, but if you have another subject you would like us to offer, just contact us. We'd be happy to add it.

How can we make sure students are aware of the free tutoring resources that our college or university provides?

Only if a student cannot utilize the free resources on campus should they browse your school's Tutor Matching Service. We can provide a link on your school's Tutor Matching Service that directs undergraduates to the free resources on campus and reminds them that they should first use the those resources.

Can Tutor Matching Service customize the look and feel of our Tutor Matching Service site to match our college or university's colors?

Yes. When you launch your school's Tutor Matching Service, we will provide you with graphic designs based on your specifications and we can work with you to fit your exact needs. We will also customize your Tutor Matching Service so that students will see your institution's logo and colors. We also design graphic "badges" for you. These badges can be used to designate a tutor's certification or a high GPA. All of this is done free of charge.

Is there a way for students to search by institution or location on Tutor Matching Service?

Yes. When you get setup with us, we give you your own Tutor Matching Service, such as You add that link to your school or learning center website, and students click there to visit your school's Tutor Matching Service. Students visiting this link will only see tutors that have selected your school upon sign up. However, if a student cannot find a local tutor, they can also search for tutors at other schools by turning off the school filter. Also, your Tutor Matching Service will have many "filters" that allow students to sort tutors by zip code, hourly rate, university/college, feedback rating, subject, availability, and many other criteria.

Can department heads and faculty recommend tutors to sign up for Tutor Matching Service?

Yes. Having a Tutor Matching Service for your school is a great alternative to having (paper) tutor lists. Traditional tutor lists require administrative headaches, including having to keep up-to-date tutor lists in each academic department. Having a Tutor Matching Service for your school does not. And faculty and departmental staff appreciate the ability to send their brightest students to one centralized place online to sign up as tutors. They also appreciate not having to email every graduate student when an undergraduate requests a private tutor.

Does Tutor Matching Service certify tutors?

No. Tutor Matching Service does not certify tutors. Each campus' learning center certifies its own tutors, if they so choose. However, many schools choose not to certify tutors which is fine as well. Please contact us so that we can discuss with you how different schools are using Tutor Matching Service.


I just booked a session. Where should I meet my tutor?

We recommend tutoring take place in public places like coffee shops and libraries.

How do I find a tutor for a specific subject?

Tutor Matching Service has many "filters" including subject, course code, and more. They are located on the left and top-left of the Browse Tutors page.

How do I cancel my tutoring session?

To cancel your tutoring session, select "Account" from the Tutor Matching Service homepage, then choose the session you wish to cancel, and finally click the "Cancel" button. This option is only available until 24 hours before the session.

Are there tutors near me?

You can search for tutors near you by filtering tutors located at universities near you or by your zip code. Keep in mind that many tutors on Tutor Matching Service have experience with online tutoring and can help you no matter where they are located.

Is my payment information encrypted?

Yes, we use an encryption between the tutee and TMS at all times and encrypt all card information when it is stored. We value the trust consumers place in TMS and take numerous precautions to prevent unauthorized access to the financial information saved on TMS. This information is kept on secure servers with multiple layers of hardware and software protection.


How can I sign up to be a tutor?

To sign up as a tutor through Tutor Matching Service, click the "Login/Signup" button on the top right. Click on "Sign up as a tutor" and follow the steps to complete your tutor profile.

Can I change my profile, availability, course knowledge and other profile items after signing up?

Yes, you can change anything within your profile at any time by logging in, going to your profile, and selecting the "Edit" icon.

Once a session is booked, where should I meet my student?

We recommend tutoring take place in public places like coffee shops and libraries.


Can I put money in my son or daughter's account so that he/she can book the tutors of their choice in the future?

Yes, we have an option through which parents, family, friends, schools, and foundations can add money to a student's account so the money given can only go to tutoring and nothing else. To add money to your account or someone else’s account, email
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